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"Why reserve professional representation for a select few?
Our agents are actively pursuing opportunities for you.
Find CDL Jobs, an online platform for drivers nationwide,
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Through strategic methods, we successfully address the dynamics of supply and demand in this competitive market."

Beyond Hires, Building Empires!
The Simplest Way To Expand Your Fleet.

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Working with you guys was one of the nicest experiences I had while been in the industry. Thanks for all the help.

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Jason SmithTruck Driver

Find CDL Jobs helped me in recruting drivers much faster than expected. I now have a fleet of 180 trucks, and a big part of this is their speed and determination for success.

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Bryan JeffersonHead of Recruitment

Mike has been really helpful during the process, and found me best paid job in my career. Find CDL Jobs is a team of friendly, positive and easygoing people you can count on. Just keep up fighting for drivers like that!

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Jacob EvansTruck Driver

Working with you guys was one of the nicest experiences I had while been in the industry. Thanks for all the help.

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Jason SmithTruck Driver

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The acronym CDL stands for commercial driver’s license, which refers to the qualification required to operate commercial motor vehicles in the United States of America. Similarly to non-commercial licenses, the driver’s state of residence establishes the exact requirements for CDL training. There are three different types of commercial driver’s licenses – Class A, Class B, and Class C, depending on their requirements and the subsequent legal right to operate specific types of commercial vehicles.